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A team of teenagers with attitude are recruited to save Angel Grove from the evil witch, Rita Repulsa, and later, Lord Zedd, Emperor of all he sees, and their horde of monsters.
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Title:Power Rangers
Genre: Action & Adventure, Kids, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Air Date:1999-02-06
Season Number:7
Total Episodes:45
Stars: William Shewfelt (Brody Romero), Peter Sudarso (Preston Tien), Nico Greetham (Calvin Maxwell), Zoe Robins (Hayley Foster), Chrysti Ane (Sarah Thompson), Jordi Webber (Levi Weston), Chris Reid (Victor Vincent), Caleb Bendit (Monty), Kelson Henderson (Mick Kanic), Kohji Mimura (Redbot), Eric Baltram (Redbot), Byron Coll (Redbot (voice)), Richard Simpson (Galvanax (voice)), Campbell Cooley (Ripcon (voice)), Jacque Drew (Madame Odius (voice)), Campbell Cooley (Cosmo Royale (voice)), Daryl Habraken (Narrator (voice))

All Episodes on season 7

Quasar Quest (1)

Episode 1 : Quasar Quest (1)

February 06, 1999
Quasar Quest (2)

Episode 2 : Quasar Quest (2)

February 13, 1999
Race to the Rescue

Episode 3 : Race to the Rescue

February 20, 1999
Rookie in Red

Episode 4 : Rookie in Red

February 27, 1999

Episode 5 : Homesick

March 06, 1999
Double Duty

Episode 7 : Double Duty

March 20, 1999
Silent Sleep

Episode 11 : Silent Sleep

April 17, 1999
Stolen Beauty

Episode 17 : Stolen Beauty

October 02, 1999
An Evil Game

Episode 22 : An Evil Game

October 25, 1999
Green Courage

Episode 24 : Green Courage

October 27, 1999
A Red Romance

Episode 28 : A Red Romance

November 02, 1999
The Power of Pink

Episode 31 : The Power of Pink

November 05, 1999
Facing the Past

Episode 33 : Facing the Past

November 09, 1999
Beware the Mutiny

Episode 36 : Beware the Mutiny

November 12, 1999
Until Sunset

Episode 38 : Until Sunset

November 16, 1999
Dream Battle

Episode 39 : Dream Battle

November 17, 1999
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